I’m professional dancer and have trained in many different styles of dance such as Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Commercial and 1970’s style of dance.

I have always had an active lifestyle, as a child I started athletics training at the age of 9 and progressed through to my teens. When at age of 17 due to an injury I had to stop my training and change my profession. As I had always been a dance admirer and having watched many Michael Jackson videos was inspired by his passion for dance and being able to express one self with this art form.

At college I changed my studies from sport studies to performing arts which were more suited for my needs and career path. My dance training started at college and learning contemporary dance and I took this on and created my own dance troupe, therefore you can say both my dance training and my career started at college. I wanted to advance my skills and learn different techniques by taking external weekly lessons at pineapple dance studios and huskies.

My dance training progressed by finishing my national diploma at college and attending a Dance degree at Hertfordshire University and graduating with an HND. Along my University studies I became a member of Young People’s Theatre Company which provided me with an opportunity to perform the lead dancer role in ‘Flamingos Blues’ show at a west end stage the Unicorn Theatre at London Bridge. This performance brought its own challenges to my dance skills by teaching me new styles such as Lindy hop, Jive and Swing.

Currently I’m working as a dancer and a chorographer for an Iranian company travelling the world, also teaching and juggling a day job.

As a dancer my training and routines make sure my body is in good shape. However I still have to train at the gym to make sure I keep myself Felix able toned and maintain my stamina. I love working out and enjoy exercise being in the gym or outdoors, it both has different advantages and effects on my body and it brings out my energy and inspires me to push my body to its limits and to become the best dancer that I can be. Merce Cunningham one of the pioneers of first ever dancer and chorographer said ‘You have to love dance to stick to it, It gives nothing back, no manuscript to store away, no painting to show on walls or maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive. It is not for unsteady souls.’

  • ● Manoto, Iranian Xfactor / Choreographer/ Dancer
  • ● Manoto lip sync battle/ Choreographer/ Dancer
  • Manoto singing bee / choreographer/ Dancer
  • ● Along the Silk Road /Choreographer
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  • ●The Silk Road /Chorographer/Dancer
  • ●A tribute to Amir Khosrow Choreographer/Dancer
  • ● Love came & set the world on fire Choreographer/Dancer
  • ● Flamingo Blues /Dancer/Actress
  • ● Era of youth / Dancer/Actress
  • ● Wooyoo.com /Actress
  • Backing Dancer Choreographer/Dancer
  • ●Hadi Khorsandi / Choreographer/Dancer
  • ● Theatre for children/ Dancer
  • ● The creative’s/ Model
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