I'm a energetic, fun, and professional Spokes Model for a living. I've worked several Shows at the WCC. I've also been involved in music videos, print modeling, and more. All the jobs I work are done to perfection. I look forward to working with you.

  • I Won Miss Teen New Mexico in 2000. I've been a successful Spokes Model for a large software company ( Snap Imagining Systems) I was the face of their company for past several years. I represented Snap along with other corporate names and events. Including, but not all,The Dentistry Magazines, television, Billboards, and more ads. I was recently main Lead for a music video now on MTV and BET called Dirty Shirley By Belafonte. I've been in Music video's, ads, and a movie with Jason Behr and Monet Mazurd. I also have a college education as a Certified Medical Assistand.
  • I found that I do very well as a LeadGenerator, gathering crowds, and making sales. If given the chance, I wouldn't let your company down. Nor, Have I any I've worked for.
  • Thank ,
  • Jennifer Dunahoo