Barbara was born and raised in Switzerland as an Italian and later she got dual membership now being a Swiss Citizen as well. Fluent in Italian, German, French, Spanish, Swiss German and English. Sang every day at least 1 song in School. After business school started her modeling career in Zurich, Switzerland and went on to model worldwide. She also danced for years. (Ballett, Modern, Jazz, Ballroom dancing). She worked for various magazines and advertising companies. As a model she has worked in Milan, Denmark, Vienna, Munich, Paris, Sydney, Boston, Los Angeles and New York. She has worked for Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, 9 West, Bloomingdales and others and has been doing campaigns end editorials published in Harpers Bazar, Marie Claire and other magazines. In the past 8 years she has been focusing on her acting career, living, studying 10 different techniques plus Improvisation at UCB, eventually started auditioning and booking work in film, theater and booked a lead in a upcoming feature to be shot in 2014.

  • Shoe Expo Las Vegas
  • Pizza Expo
  • Movie: Fair Game
  • Movie: 79 Parts
  • Movie: The Pull out Method