My name is Elena. I have been a brand ambassador and a promo girl for over a year and doing it on constant bases. Loving my job, every gig for me it's a new excitement and to deliver a message to different clientele. I have a bachelors degree, a realtors license and I've spent time in the military.

  • Promotional Model for 4.5 years. Have worked with Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, Dodge as a Promo Model in traveling team, have gone to many states. Have worked Formula 1 as a Trophy Girl, Cadillac Racing, Moto Gp 2015 and Moto GP 2016 for Yamaha (the most leads collector) (recognition from the client), Nascar, Toyota and Lincoln Ride and Drive. Commercials with a Local Car Dealership in SA, shooting every 2 weeks, print model (cut out girl) for Rebecca Creek, MillerCoors, Dos XX, Budlight Promotional Model. Conventions in all Texas representing different companies, ADA, ASTRO, AAHA, Boat Show in Houston, Golf Business,SXSW for Spotify, NADA, NCBA ,Shot Show, Health ShowClub Managers Show, Hospitality Party, GATS Expo in Dallas, Bridal Extravaganza, Ferrari Kid, ICBA banking convention and etc.