Rissa was born New York City. She is an actress and has been in three separate films, one of which was in the Urban Film Festival. Rissa also has 6 years experience as a promotional model. She has worked with celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles while promoting her movie Austin Powers. Along with acting and modeling, Rissa has been a product specialist for Hanes, Redken, and GMC. She has traveled throughout the United States working tradeshows and tours for her clients and is eager to learn different aspects of the trade show industry.

  • I have 7 years as a Sag-Aftra Actor .I have done National Commercial for Special K cereal,I have done 5 films that went to the Urban Film Festival,New York Film Festival,and Blockbuster.I'm also a product specialist for auto shows.Spokesmodel,Hair magazines,I have done production for On The Run Tour for the Jayz and Beyonce concert. Managed Tours and Brand Ambassdors.I do trade shows for Vertex,coterie,Dental, Pharmaceutical,and etc.I have done a print ad for Snuggie's and was all over there box. I'm also working as a product specialist for Tesla and doing different TradeShows for them.