Hello! My name is Nicole Listorti! I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Merchandising along with 6+ years of experience in the promotional marketing industry. I have a true love and passion for marketing and truly understand what it takes to make an event successful.
My experience in marketing ranges from liquor promotions and demonstrations to trade show and field marketing management as well as street team events. Along with my marketing experience, I also have about 3 years of sales experience, 4 additional years of customer service experience, and 2 years of retail experience. My technical skills include: Microsoft Programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop.
In my spare time I enjoy working out, running outdoors, and participating in charity athletic fundraising events! I also enjoy traveling and have an avid love for animals!

  • Bionic Pet Expo March 2014 Orlando, FL
  • Wear-Code Surf Expo 2014 Orlando, FL
  • InSync RFID Journal Live 2013 Orlando, FL
  • Diageo Duty Free Show April 2013 Orlando, FL
  • Bionic Pet Expo Feb 2013 Orlando, FL
  • Epoch Fashion Surf Expo Jan 2013 Orlando, FL
  • On-Site PowerGen Show Dec 2012 Orlando, FL
  • Nationwide Pools Florida Home Show Nov 2012 St. Pete FL
  • Tornado ACS School Equipment Show Nov 2012 Tampa, FL
  • Nationwide Pools Florida Home Show Tampa Oct 2012 Tampa, FL
  • Canadian Solar Solar Power International (SPI) 2012 Orlando, FL
  • Nationwide Pools Florida Home Show St. Pete 2012 St. Pete FL
  • OPNET Microsoft Tech Expo 2012 Orlando, FL
  • Snickers Rock N Roll Marathon Expo 2012 St. Pete, FL
  • Nationwide Pools Florida Home Show St. Pete 2012 Tampa, FL
  • Nationwide Pools Florida Home Show Tampa 2012 Tampa, FL
  • Nationwide Pools Florida Home Show Tampa 2011 Tampa, FL
  • Multi Touch Infocomm 2011 Orlando, FL
  • Hypercel Wireless CTIA Wireless Show 2011 Orlando, FL
  • Kanaflex International Buisness Show 2011 Orlando, FL
  • Lamborghini Energy Drink AACSA Show 2010 Tampa, FL
  • Accurate Perforating Glass Build Show 2010 as Vegas, NV
  • Nationwide Pools Florida Home Show Tampa 2010 Tampa, FL
  • Transoptic / Amberix AIA Show 2010 Miami, FL
  • Attract traffic to the booth
  • Service clients by taking product orders
  • Hand out literature and promotional items to potential clients
  • Provide ample knowledge about the company and its products / services
  • Collect quality and or quantity leads for the company to follow up on after the show
  • Create product awareness by demonstrating products along with their features and benefits

Thank you for your hard work during the event! I had already sent a very positive review to the agency and I also look forward to working with you again! You are simply adorable, both in and out!

Madga Krutick, Davidoff Cigars

We have hired Nikole several times over the past few years to work at many of our community events. She has always been on time, friendly, and great with our clients. We continue to hire her because we know we can count on her to be energetic and efficient. We have worked with many people at our events and she is definitely our favorite. Thank you Nikole for all of your hard work, and we will see you again soon!

James Staten General Manager, Nationwide Pools

Is it possible to combine Beauty and Brain, a modern Double-B ? MultiTouch (and we are talking about a tech company here !) originates from Finland where brain is equally valued to beauty and personality, rather than the looks, defines a person. When a client asks me if Nikole was part of the MultiTouch team after two long days of InfoComm trade show, I look at her and see her marketing our products like she's been there forever, it is easy to answer, yes. The most impressive thing about Nikole was that she did this pretty much by herself: listening to us, learning from example, adjusting to our heart and soul as a company. On the second day, she made product presentations to an audience of 10 or more. And the audience was not just admiring her, they were listening ! As a GM, I could only sit back and enjoy the show. InfoComm '11 was maybe the most successful trade show for MultiTouch to date and Nikole was one of the key reasons why!

Timo Korpela, Multi-Touch