Victoria grew up in Surrey, (Southern) England. When she was 18 she moved to live in her favorite country - Spain - to work as a nanny overseeing six children. She also worked as a print model in Marbella (Spain) which earned her enough money to then move to America at the age of 19.

She earned a scholarship to the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles and studied acting. Following that, she went on to study Broadcasting, Reporting and Journalism at Santa Monica College.

Victoria has modelled for artists such as Miguel Paredes, whose paintings are sold all over the world, and appeared in numerous magazines and catalogues, including covers.....Nationally and Internationally.
After a recurring role on a soap opera on NBC, she has hosted many red carpet events for television, interviewing celebrities such as 50 Cent, Samuel Jackson, Mathew Perry, Janet Jackson, Larry King and many others.

She has works as a Principal on National and International commercials which include AAMCO, Xtra Pine, Anti Smoking, Oil of Olay, Instant Lift, Perfect Abs, Barry Manilow CBS special, Dot Com Guy, United Way, Osteoporosis PSA (with Joan Rivers), Fanta Orange, Allure (teeth whitening), Winston Cigarettes, Living Spaces, Pearl Hair removal, Wexford University and the National Lottery.

Using her Broadcasting training, she reported the traffic from a News Helicopter and was the weathergirl on the reality show "The Audition" for the KTLA Channel 5 Morning news.

Since her teen years Victoria has always maintained a keen interest in Law Enforcement and Criminology and began riding along, on patrol, with the LA County Sheriff Department on the ground and in the air.

When she was granted US Citizenship, Victoria then trained and passed the tests into the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. but has currently put the process of becoming a Deputy on hold while she continues with her on camera and writing career.

Juggling a number of interesting jobs, and after training to be an LA County Sheriff, Victoria became an Investigative Journalist and Criminologist in 2007. Using her law enforcement, hosting and investigating experience, she has interviewed numerous serial killers and notorious murderers across the US, for television shows and books. In creating and writing these shows, she brings her unique passion for her work to the screen in every project in which she is involved. Alongside with interviewing 'the guilty', she is working on creating a show searching for the 'wrongly convicted' people in America today with life and/or death sentences.

Her first 'solo' book "Serial Killers ~ Up Close and Very Personal" ~ was released in November 2011 and hit number 33 on Amazon! Along with a writing career, Victoria currently works as an Emcee/Presenter/Host on television and live events including Weddings, Corporate Events, and Bar Mitzvahs. She also travels the country and represents various companies such as: Ralph Lauren, Lamborghini, Acura, Audi, Harley Davidson, English Muffins, Phizer, Iplay, Sunsilk, Loreal, SKKY Vodka, Healthy Coat, Cisco, Ahnlab, EMC, Liebherr the Mexican Embassy plus many more, at Conventions and Autos Shows. She is now 'the face of' various new products such as Solidea (ladies anti-cellulite clothing), Healthycoat and The Texas Tie..

Having never sold her soul to the "showbiz industry" she feels that her strongest attributes are her self-respect and integrity as a writer and an investigative journalist. Getting to the root of every story and exposing the truth, no matter the consequences, is what Victoria does best. Even if it means being a victim of the media and internet who create twisted stories. According to the media, it seems that a girl, who also works as a model, apparently shouldn't be interviewing serial killers! One quote she lives by is: “You are successful based on what you can ignore.”

Victoria's dedication to her work along with her intense, yet animated, personality is portrayed very clearly throughout her body of work.

She is currently working on a

  • Ralph Lauren Shoes Presenter, Emcee Las Vegas, NV
  • Mex Best (Mexican Embassy) Presenter, Hostess, Manager, Anaheim, CA
  • English Muffins Greeter, Hostess, Emcee NewOrleans/Atlanta
  • Harley Davidson Product Specialist, Hostess Nationwide
  • Lambhorgini Product Specialist, Presenter Los Angeles, CA
  • Bell Helicopter Product Specialist, MC, Hostess Anaheim, CA
  • Dry Tube Presenter, Greeter, Hostess Los Angeles, CA
  • Dry Tube Emcee, Greeter, Hostess San Diego, CA
  • Pirama Emcee, Presenter, Hostess Long Beach, CA
  • Phizer Spokesmodel, Hostess San Diego, CA
  • Phizer Spokesmodel, Hostess San Francisco, CA
  • Fresh Veggies Presenter, Spokesmodel, Hostess San Francisco, CA
  • Healthycoat Host, Presenter, Spokesmodel Indianapolis, IN
  • Identity Truth Greeter, Narrator, Hostess San Francisco, CA
  • Romano's Parmesan Chips Greeter, Crowd Gatherer, Hostess San Francisco, CA
  • Ahnlab Anti Virus Presenter, Emcee San Francisco, CA
  • EMC Greeter, Emcee, Hostess San Francisco, CA
  • Ashdown Greeter, Presenter, Hostess Anaheim, CA
  • Magura Hostess, MC Monterrey, CA
  • L'Oreal Lead Hair model, Las Vegas, NV
  • Alterna Hair model, Long Beach, CA
  • Speedo Greeter, Hostess, Model Long Beach, CA
  • Cingular Wireless Tour Manager/Organizer All over West Coast
  • Liebherr (Construction) Presenter, Host, Emcee Las Vegas, NV
  • Cisco Hostess Las Vegas, NV
  • VM World
  • Oracle Hostess San Francisco, CA
  • Iplay (CES) Hostess, MC Los Angeles, CA
  • Emmerson Presenter Las Vegas, NV