Alba is a professional print Model (fitness, lingerie, fashion & swimwear model). She was born in Mexico being a mixture of Mexican with a quarter Chinese. Alba is bilingual (Spanish). English is her second language since she moved at the age of 22 to Phoenix, AZ where she still lives. Alba because of her accent and her Mexican-Asian background is often called "Exotic" and is compared to Penelope Cruz and Sophia Vergara.

Alba has been addicted to exercise since she had special training in track and field in elementary school. Her training began when she was just 9 years old and because of her continued efforts she became a National Champion at the age of 12 and an international champion when she was 16. Her specialties believe it or not were: Discus Throw and Triple Jump...

Alba Verdugo is a biologist by trade, she studied at the prestigious Instituto Tecnologico de Los Mochis. Since graduating she has worked in several industries including modeling and marketing. Modeling is her primary career; having as a result Print job for well known international and national companies like Budweiser, Body Zone Apparel, Surf (detergent), Get Hole Shot and some local print as well for Half Moon Sports Grill, Ser Latino Magazine and Elite Distribution. Alba spent years promoting and selling name brand products in new and emerging markets for international brands like Anheiser Busch, Fiat, Ducati and Chevy.

She also had the opportunity to participate in international commercials for well known brands like Surf and Atlantico Rum.

Alba is never afraid to learn something new and is currently learning how to play the piano.

  • I have been working as a model for the last 7 years. I have experience in events like: Europa, CES, Mr Olympia, E3, Barrett Jackson Car Shows, NASCAR, Firebird raceways, etc. I also have experience as a print model, Commercials, Music videos, Fashion shows, etc. I can provide references and resume upon request. Thank you!