Janae is an Arizona native and began her acting career in February 2016. After many years working as a patient care coordinator for a plastic surgeon, she decided to pursue her dream of acting! She loves acting and doing promotional modeling and events! She\'s very friendly and outgoing She loves engaging and talking with people. She\'s a team player and works well with others. She\'s very positive and reliable. If she says she\'s going to do something, she does it. Janae keeps her word and commitment to others and herself.

Janae is fluent in Spanish and loves speaking Spanish with other people. She also loves to sing mariachi music. She\'s currently working on learning a third language, French. She\'s very active and loves doing yoga, hiking, biking, swimming and aerobics. Janae has two dogs and enjoys taking them out for walks. She also has 3 parrots including an African Gray that she teaches Spanish and French words to.

Janae works part time for her fiancées real estate business as a transaction coordinator. She also translates for the Spanish speaking clients in her fiancées business.

Janae has been working on perfecting her acting craft and has enjoyed taking acting classes and going to multiple auditions. Janae will be starring in a lead role for a new web series called Human Threads. Filming will begin March 2017.

Janae loves serving others and is active with donating her extra time for volunteer work. She helped to build a library for an elementary school and a house for a single mother in Mexico with Habitat for Humanity. She volunteers to read for the blind and serve food to the homeless at multiple shelters.

  • Commercials
  • SRP Client (Featured)
  • Paragon Vision Sciences Office Employee (Featured)
  • Camelback Toyota Car Shopper (Principle)
  • Talking Stick Resort Hotel Guest (Featured)
  • Tempe Mission Palms Hotel Hotel Guest (Featured)
  • Force Factor Party Goer (Featured)
  • Television
  • Women in Prison Season 2 Dental Nurse (Featured)
  • Print
  • BASF Female Technician
  • Brand Ambassador Toyota and Lasik