Philip is the Presenter-Emcee-Host who will take your event to the highest level. He is an outgoing, reliable, seasoned professional in the Event Marketing industry...and in everything that he does. Persistence, hard work, and a sense of humor have been at the base of Philip\'s greatest achievements.

Starting with his first gig as a trade show model a number of years back, he has been heavily involved in the Event Marketing & Promotional industry for 14+ years. In that time, Philip has been executing events in major markets all across the country, including Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, Cleveland, etc. He has happily worn the hat of a BA, Presenter, Program Manager, Emcee, Character Entertainer, Spokesmodel, Demonstrator, Game Show Host, and more.

During that time, he has become quite comfortable entertaining over a microphone, scheduling and managing staff, using tele- and ear-prompters, setting up event footprints/booths, photographing and summarizing event highlights, memorizing and creatively conveying key program messaging, gathering crowds, and engaging consumers. Most importantly, Philip is acutely aware of the specific goals and objectives of the client\'s program, and able to exceed their expectations.

  • Worked as a Nickelodeon Host for NCL, hosting Slime Time Live, Nickelodeon Live, Dora\'s Dance Party, Nick Storytime, and more.